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Parish Litter Pick Saturday 2nd April 2022

Parish Litter Pick Saturday 2nd April 2022

We were indeed fortunate to have a superb Saturday morning both weather wise and collection wise for our latest litter pick.

Many thanks indeed to our teams of volunteers from each village who really do make a difference to the appearance of the roadside verges in our community.

Hopefully, the appearance of litter free roadways will encourage people to think twice before chucking the rubbish out of the car window, but maybe that is a forlorn hope.

Thanks again and please do join us once more for the autumn litter pick. Details will be released nearer the time.

Your support makes a huge difference to our parish.

Ray Morris, Chairman
Breedon on the Hill Parish Council

Posted: Mon, 04 Apr 2022 11:05 by Sam Lockwood

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