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Police Report May Update

Police Report May Update



Criminals are using children all across the UK

Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) is a term used to describe when children and young people are manipulated or coerced into committing crimes.

Criminals groom boys and girls to carry out illegal activity on their behalf – such as selling and storing drugs, carrying weapons and committing burglary, robbery or theft.

Currently across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland we are seeing children and young people between the ages of nine and 17 being used by criminals.

The most common type of crimes they are becoming involved in is activity known as 'County Lines'.

Children and young people caught up in CCE won't always act like victims because they don't often see themselves as victims.

This is because individuals or gangs who target children will often make them feel respected, important and protected.

Some children are also made to feel like they have no choice and will be scared to speak out about what is happening.

It is important we all remember children are often preyed on because they are vulnerable.

We must all work together to help put an end to this abuse.

The police, education, local councils and health organisations across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland all have an important part to play in preventing children being exploited and deal with those responsible.

We also need your help to look after the children in your life. To know the signs and to act if you suspect a child is in danger.

Are you listening?

Funded by Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland's Violence Reduction Network, a new film entitled 'Are you listening' aims to raise awareness of the issue of CCE, some of the signs that could indicate a child is in danger and where you can go for help and support. It is important we all play an active role in tackling this issue.

Children won't often just tell you if they are in trouble but there are often some obvious signs that could indicate they might need help.

The most obvious sign is a change in a child or young person's behaviour from what is considered 'normal' for them.

Other signs include:

• Withdrawal from usual group of friends and a mention of older or new friends

• Having gifts, a new phone or money that can't be accounted for

• Becoming withdrawn or secretive

• Receiving a large number of calls or messages to their phone or being worried about being away from their phone

• A drop in grades or performance, as well as suspension or exclusion from school

• Going missing from home or not showing up to school or regular afterschool groups or clubs

• Become involved in low level criminality such as antisocial behavior

If you suspect a child is being exploited try to talk to them. Children are more likely to open up to an adult they have an existing and trusting relationship with.

Next steps

If you think a child could be involved in this type of activity, you can contact Leicestershire Police on 101 or online. If you suspect a child is in immediate danger always call 999.

You can also call your local council children's team for advice.

Leicester City Council 0116 4541004

Leicestershire County Council 0116 3059521


Leicestershire Police remain committed to reducing knife crime offences.

We aim to deter people from carrying knives and educate them about the dangers of doing so.

We also want to provide support and advice to those who know a knife carrier and for parents, carers and bystanders to be able to spot the signs.

We want to provide messages of hope to empower the young people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

As part of the #LivesNotKnives campaign we want to share the message that

'You matter, lives can change'.

We continue to be committed to working with the Violence Reduction Network and our partners to tackle knife crime and address its underlying causes.

For more information :


Neighbourhood Link is a community messaging service from Leicestershire Police that provides news and information about policing activity or initiatives, crime prevention advice as well as major incidents affecting your area.

Through this service you can receive messages from your local Neighbourhood Policing Team, local police or, in the event of a major incident or event affecting the whole of Leicestershire, from a partnership of agencies known as the Local Resilience Forum.

In order to receive messages you will need to register your details.

This information will enable us to send you messages relevant to the areas you live and work.

Anyone can register, whether you live, work or travel into Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Registration is free and simple to follow.

• Sign up to Neighbourhood Link

• If you are already registered you can amend your details

• Request a reminder if you have forgotten your username or password

• You can unsubscribe from the service at any time

Neighbourhood Link is not able to receive messages and you should not use it to contact the police. In an emergency always dial 999. An emergency is when a crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, someone is injured, being threatened or in danger.

If you wish to contact Leicestershire Police in other circumstances, for example to speak to local police or seek advice on police matters, you can call us by dialling 101 on your telephone.


If you need to contact a member of your beat team and the enquiry isn't urgent then the easiest way to do this is via Email, you can either do this through the Leicestershire Police website or on the details below:

PC 819 Steve Harrison –
PC 1391 Adrian Coleman –
PCSO 6867 Kevin Bradley –
PCSO 6865 Mark Ball –

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