ENDING SOON - Ashby Road new development - Street name suggestions - Poll

Dear All,

Votes need to be in by 5pm 15th October - if you haven't voted already please click here.

I have been made aware by the website provider and vote co-ordinator that the poll should only be used as an indication of village opinion as there is clear evidence of manipulation of the poll by individuals voting numerous times on multiple devices. Nevertheless, the response, nearly 600 votes up to now, has been amazing. However, accurate this may have been as a poll, it gives the Parish Council the basis of public opinion to pass on to the developer.

It should be noted that the Parish Council has no further say in the choice that the developer makes; based on our poll and any other suggestions that they may have received, or from their own research.

Posted: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 10:46 by Sam Lockwood

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