Parish News May 2020

Parish News May 2020

The Parish Council meet on a monthly basis usually first Monday, However, since government guidance regarding social gathering during the Coronavirus pandemic meetings are now held virtually via Zoom. (You are still very welcome to join the meeting) All agendas will be posted on the website along with the Zoom ID and Password.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 1st June 2020 at 7.00pm.

May 4th saw the Parish Council Annual Meeting, where the election of the Chairman and Vice Chairman took place for the ensuing year. Breedon on the Hill Parish Councillors consist of…
Ray Morris – Chairman
Roy Bates – Vice Chairman
Simon Jones
Helen Wagner

Position for Councillor
There is currently two vacant seats on the Parish Council. The intent is to advertise for co-option shortly, which would happen from 1st – 15th June, providing there hasn't been a call for election. If you would like to find out more about becoming a councillor please contact any of the current members or the Clerk

Volunteer Centre
The Parish Council continues to liaise with Castle Donington Volunteer Centre to provide services, where required and organising volunteers to provide this service. Services include chemist runs, shopping deliveries, hot meals and friendly phone calls.

Here is a summary of the activities:
The Volunteer Centre provided 318 VE Day afternoon teas in and around the area. A wonderful idea, which really lifted the spirts of the community a very special day!!

A huge thank you to the Volunteer Centre and all the volunteers that made this possible.

635 shopping deliveries and over 205 prescription deliveries have been made so far and over 285 friendly phone calls.

If you (or someone you know, potentially without the use of the internet) need help or support because you are self-isolating or would like a friendly chat please call 01332 850526.

Community Grants
The Parish Council supports activities and causes which benefit the community of Breedon on the Hill Parish Council. If you are a formally constituted charity, voluntary or community organisation and have a future project in mind for 2021 please complete the application form online - we look forward to hearing from you!

As you will have seen the press coverage; a decision has now been made, however, the Parish Council has yet to be informed by Leicestershire County Council or North West Leicestershire District Council with regard to the timescale's public communication events. For the latest updates please check the following website

Flood Update
Leicestershire County Council (LCC) sent out a statement in relation to the progress of the Flood Modelling Study – you can find this on the PC Website. The Clerk is awaiting a timeline from LCC which will give us estimated dates on how LCC expect to move forward with the project.

Recycling and household waste sites
OPEN from 18th May 2020, please see more information on the PC website and make sure you book an appointment to attend.

If you have any other items you wish to raise with your Parish Council please DO NOT hesitate to get in touch.

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