Flood advice for residents

Flood advice for residents

For the residents of Breedon-on-the-Hill in particular along Main Street and the junction of Worthington Lane.

Over the past couple of days, we have seen quite a large amount of rainfall and the levels in the brook running through the village have been fluctuating between the normal 0.200M depth to 0.700M depth on the 30th of September 2019 at around 8.00 pm.

There is currently a Yellow weather warning across our area until 20.00hrs today. Thursday evening into Friday morning could see the tail end of Tropical storm Lorenza passing over and with it potentially bringing further heavy rainfall.

We would ask that as the rain continues to fall during the week on what is now quite saturated ground that all residents that were affected by the floods of 2016 are extra vigilant during the coming days.

The Flood watch group.

Flood advice and useful telephone numbers for various agencies: https://www.nwleics.gov.uk/pages/flooding

Also, there are some gel bags available in store at the Hollybush.

Posted: Wed, 02 Oct 2019 10:20 by Sam Lockwood

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