155 and 120 – Bus Service

155 and 120 – Bus Service

155 and 120 – Bus Service

Leicestershire County Council has developed a new Passenger Transport Policy and Strategy (PTPS) to ensure its passenger transport provision is fit for purpose and cost-effective. This new Policy & Strategy was approved in Autumn 2018 and is currently being implemented through reviewing all contracted services across the County.

The review of services 120 (Coalville to Leicester) & 155 (Coalville to Castle Donington) is now complete and the intended course of action is to integrate the two services and operate to a reduced frequency, with East Midlands Airport (EMA) no longer being served. An off-peak return journey to Castle Donington and Coalville will be provided per day, Monday to Saturday.

EMA will no longer be served as the number of passenger movements on service 155 to and from the airport is very low. Under the Policy, LCC will consider providing County residents in rural areas with transport to local centres to access essential facilities and services.

So far, suggestions have been made to have Ashby included in the service and whilst this may be desirable and has been considered, it is not possible to integrate service 155 with the service to Ashby (service 129).

If you have any comments on the service proposals and/or would like to be notified of future updates please email LCC on: ptps@leics.gov.uk by 31st October 2019.

In addition to sending your comments through to LCC, if you would like your comments supported by the Parish Council please email: clerk@breedonparishcouncil.org.uk by 31st October 2019.

Posted: Fri, 25 Oct 2019 12:58 by Sam Lockwood

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