Breedon Play Area - Update!

Breedon Play Area - Update!


The flooring was laid on 18th June. The post installation inspection was 24th June and sign off was due to be 25th, however, following the meeting with the contractors Tuesday morning, it was highlighted that further works were needed to the flooring and therefore the play area still remains CLOSED!!! And will do until the area is safe!

The contractors have called this morning explaining that they will be back in Monday to re-mediate the wetpour.

Once the contractors have been in on Monday, the area needs to be left 24/48hours.

The Parish Council is doing ALL it can can to complete the project as quickly as possible, but safety is THE main priority! It was hoped that the play area would be opened for the end of June, however, it's likely to be end of next week.

Thank you for reading, Sam Clerk to the Council.

Posted: Fri, 28 Jun 2019 10:33 by Sam Lockwood

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