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Letter from Mike Kinson to Mr Crossland

Dear Mr Crossland,

I understand from Breedon PC that you are investigating the recent flooding in Breedon and have asked for anecdotal evidence and comments. We live on Saxon Close in Breedon and while we were not directly affected by the flooding it had a major impact on the field behind our property and the flood waters came within about 2 inches of entering our garden.

The field in question ("the field") runs from Doctors Lane to Worthington Lane, and the stream that runs through the village runs along the northern edge next to the properties in Saxon Close. The field was included on the SHLAA in 2011 as available for building but with a note that it was subject to flooding over about 1/3rd of its area and in the 11 years we have lived here the level of the stream has fluctuated very noticeably with the rainfall. In the 2014 SHLAA it was "greyed out" as unavailable due to flood risk and non alignment with the rest of the village boundary. We understand a new 15 year land availability plan is in the pipeline.

We are obviously always interested in anything that may impact the field as we prefer it to remain as it is ie agricultural land. We believe it is now owned by J Blunt who is involved with current and proposed developments in the village.

The events of the 15th June confirmed several things:

1. No further development should be approved anywhere in the village until the drainage situation in the middle of the village is "sorted"

2. The field, far from being 1/3rd liable to flooding, actually flooded over at least 3/4th of its area.

3. The field undoubtedly acted as a safety valve for the village and if it had not been so then the situation in the village would have been a lot worse with many more properties flooded. It should not be shown as available for building but should be earmarked/reserved as flood plain and form an integral part of any solution to the flooding problems in the village

I apologise if my comments are mainly about the field rather than the village centre flooding, but the flooding had a huge impact on the field and while no properties in Saxon Close were at risk this time, it is a crucial part of the overall village "picture" in relation to drainage and flooding and ultimately the protection of properties.

Kind Regards,

Mike Kinson

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