2019 Breedon Dog Show - 23rd June 2019

Dog show will commence 2.10 - 2.55pm. - Woodward Vets to judge.

The Categories are...

Musical Sits -M ax 15 dogs (1round)

Waggiest Tail - 2 rounds - Max 10 dogs per round.

Bet Turned Out - 2 rounds - Max 10 dogs per round.

Most Gorgeous Senior - Max 15 dogs (1round) Best in Show - For All above winners (6 in total) and then an overall winner.

The entries will take place on the day (please see below further details):

- £1 per dog, per category.

- Registration time on the day - 12-1pm at Parish Council tent.

- On entry the Parish Council will collect the name of your dog and the responsible adult.