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Breedon Church - PSPO

Breedon Church - PSPO

Please help us!

Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO ) propose to deal with a particular nuisance in a particular area that is having a detrimental effect on the quality of life for those in the local community. It can prohibit certain things or require specific things to be done.

When deciding whether an order should be issued, the local authority must consider two things:

Firstly whether the behaviour is having a detrimental effect, or is likely to have this effect.
Secondly, whether the effect/likely effect of the activities is of a persistent nature making the behaviour unreasonable and rendering the notice justified. More »

As you may be aware for a long time now there has been anti-social behaviour up and around the Church in the evenings, which is causing a nuisance to those that use it, those that live close by and those that have to clear up after 'the night before'.

Breedon Priory Church is a grade 1 listed building set in beautiful grounds which is recognised as an SSSI and is a major asset to our community. Breedon Parish Council has recently been completed a heritage project to help 'put Breedon, Tonge and Wilson on the map' making it a place to visit, become a tourist destination, bring the community together, and conserve the local heritage. Therefore, it is important to pursue the PSPO for the Church and surrounding area.

The Parish Council has been working hard with District Council to find a solution to evaluate the problem by asking for a Public Space Protection Order and a gate on Squirral Lane to deter people visiting 'after hours'. If the PSPO is granted, it will be the first individual order in the district. I feel that we are close to achieving this; the order has now gone to NWLDC's legal department to look over it. Once they're happy with it the Clerk will receive the draft order ready for consultation. We hope to have the consultation before Christmas and that the order be approved in cabinet early 2019.

NWLDC want further information from the Parish Council, which the Clerk will be sending through...however, the Parish Council needs YOUR help! We need every bit of evidence, big or small, and it reporting to NWLDC to add weight to 'our case'. Please also include not only your findings, but how this affects you and why it is detrimental to the you/the local area. Also, if you support the idea please mention this too.

NWLDC has a 'report it' page; see link below, please report all findings, individually. These will automatically go through to the antisocial department at NWLDC and be reported to the Police. https://www.nwleics.gov.uk/pages/report

Thank you in advance for your help and continued patience. » Less

Tue, 02 Oct 2018 12:09 by Sam Lockwood

Community Litter Pick

Community Litter Pick

Parish Litter Pick

Saturday 29th September – 10AM

It is difficult to escape noticing the sheer amount of rubbish which is deposited on the sides of our roads and unfortunately that includes our parish as well.

Please could we ask for an hour of your time on Saturday 29th September to walk along our roads/pathways and collect some of the rubbish?

Meet at the school at 10 AM where litter picking tools and rubbish bags will be provided. More »

Children most welcome!

If you think you are able to attend. Please could you advise Sam Lockwood, so that we can ensure that there are sufficient collection tools. clerk@breedonparishcouncil.org.uk » Less

Tue, 18 Sep 2018 16:02 by Sam Lockwood

Vacancy for Parish Councillor

Vacancy for Parish Councillor

Applications are being invited for the position of Parish Councillor

Could you make a difference to your Parish Council?

Do you have any spare time to get involved with your local Parish Council; sharing your knowledge, experience and life skills to serve and enhance your local community?

  • Have a say about the local issues people care about.
  • Decide how local money is spent in the Parish to improve your community.

With elections taking place next May, 2019, this is a great opportunity for someone to find out what it's like being part of a Parish Council. More »

For further information/a chat about the position and an application form please contact the Parish Clerk

Closing date is 26th September 2018

Wed, 12 Sep 2018 12:47 by Sam Lockwood