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Flood Working Group

Summary of actions to date:

1) Archive record of events, including photographs, being prepared.
2) Water course walked on several occasions taking photographs, measurements of culverts/ bridges, and recording obstructions.
3) Request made to John Brown, civil contingencies officer, for supply of sand bags. Response awaited.
4) Request for drainage records from LCC, STWA, Cameron Estates. Response awaited. 5) Request made to Paul Cantrell of Highways England for meeting and information regarding drainage from A42. Response awaited.
6) Letter to residents outlining Riparian Ownership responsibilities to be circulated in the village.
7) Peter Spencer is preparing a budget figure of the overall cost of damage.
8) Dan Tokley is looking into individual flood defence systems.
9) Inspection of culverts with LCC took place on 26th July. Some jetting and clearance of gullies. LCC to return with cameras to survey drains. More ongoing work with LCC?
10) Public meetings with Flood Forum, LCC and others planned in near future.

Letter from Breedon PC to Development Control at NWLDC Planning...



in North West Leicestershire

correspondence and enquiries:

38 Barroon, Castle Donington,
Derby, DE74 2PE
Telephone: 07544251561
email:clerk@breedonparishcouncil.org.uk web:www.breedononthehill.org.uk
Parish Clerk:
Samantha Lockwoo


Wednesday 13th July 2016

To whom it may concern,

In light of recent flooding events in Breedon on the Hill, the Parish Council, in considering future applications for development within the parish would like to see additional information provided by applicants in order to demonstrate mitigation of potential flooding caused by any future weather events.

Whilst applicants for new development are required to provide the local authority with full details under the SuDS regulations, the Parish Council would like to see that the information provided by applicants is subject to external and independent scrutiny to verify any calculations provided as part of an application. We also consider that the costs of preparing an independent report should be met by the applicant. This course of action would serve to reassure parishioners generally and is essential for those homeowners recently inundated.

As you will be aware, the current requirements under SuDS regulations do not really adequately address conditions of extreme run-off, and whilst they provide a starting point the conditions here at Breedon on the Hill mean that we do not have the capacity to accept any additional waters in the stream.

Without wishing to prejudge the outcome of the current investigation being undertaken into the recent flooding, it is very clear that the capacity of the stream here in Breedon is physically restricted and constrained in many places downstream and therefore any additional run-off can only exacerbate the situation upstream. Any attenuation measures must allow for unusual circumstances as the frequency of extreme weather events is undoubtedly increasing.

The Parish has already put forward objections to the current application under consideration in the Worthington Lane and in addition to those earlier objections it is essential that the foregoing is addressed in respect of this application and of course for any future development applications.

We look forward to your confirmation of the foregoing.

Samantha Lockwood
Clerk to Breedon on the Hill Parish Council

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    This is a copy of a letter from Councillor Simon Jones to Mr Crossland -

    First I will attempt to identify the reasons for the flood.
    1) Run off from A42 piped to Breedon Brook near Lodge Farm
    2) Run off from Burney Lane
    3) Run off from Wheatleys farm
    4) Run off from Golf course and former garden centre
    5) Run off from Southworth close
    6) Run off from Loveys Croft
    7) Run off from Melbourne Lane
    8) Run off from the Crescent and Hastings Close
    9) Run off from Brookside Paddock
    10) Run off from Pear tree close
    11) Run off from Cross street
    12) Run off from Worthington Lane.

    All the rain water from the above areas was trying to get into the drainage system on Main Street or into the stream along the side of Main Street. There were two issues here, one is that at least two of the gullies were blocked, the second is that the stream was full and overflowing because of inadequate downstream culverts being blocked by debris brought down by the massive flow of water.

    Possible solutions
    There is an urgent need for attenuation ponds and possible sites are, the corner of Burney Lane where there is already a small pond which could be enlarged, the current duck ponds at Breedon Garden centre, which could be enlarged. Our flood warden, Dave Camp, has already had talks with Mr David Shields who is open to suggestions about how we progress. Finally the village green, formerly known as the Fishponds, could be reprofiled to a bowl shape catching some of the water coming off the hill down Melbourne Lane.

    Furthermore all the culverts need investigation to see if they can be enlarged, it is clear from walking the stream that the culverts are a substantial part of the problem.
    Particularly the one where the stream crosses Worthington Lane.
    Some years ago Worthington Lane had a ford where the stream crossed, this was eventually piped but the work has hindered the path of the water resulting in a flooding problem.

    I have taken photographs, where I can, of the culverts along the stream unfortunately some are not accessible to me. I will email them to our clerk and to Phil Crossland who may be able to use them in his report.

    One issue that is of concern is that the field on the opposite side of the stream from Saxon Close was covered in water this served as an attenuation pond and should be protected as such. The culvert running out of the field was, and probably still is, partially blocked so the water was impeded in its flow...

Dear Mr Crossland,

I understand from Breedon PC that you are investigating the recent flooding in Breedon and have asked for anecdotal evidence and comments. We live on Saxon Close in Breedon and while we were not directly affected by the flooding it had a major impact on the field behind our property and the flood waters came within about 2 inches of entering our garden.

The field in question ("the field") runs from Doctors Lane to Worthington Lane, and the stream that runs through the village runs along the northern edge next to the properties in Saxon Close. The field was included on the SHLAA in 2011 as available for building but with a note that it was subject to flooding over about 1/3rd of its area and in the 11 years we have lived here the level of the stream has fluctuated very noticeably with the rainfall. In the 2014 SHLAA it was "greyed out" as unavailable due to flood risk and non alignment with the rest of the village boundary. We understand a new 15 year land availability plan is in the pipeline.

We are obviously always interested in anything that may impact the field as we prefer it to remain as it is ie agricultural land. We believe it is now owned by J Blunt who is involved with current and proposed developments in the village.

The events of the 15th June confirmed several things:

1. No further development should be approved anywhere in the village until the drainage situation in the middle of the village is "sorted"

2. The field, far from being 1/3rd liable to flooding, actually flooded over at least 3/4th of its area.

3. The field undoubtedly acted as a safety valve for the village and if it had not been so then the situation in the village would have been a lot worse with many more properties flooded. It should not be shown as available for building but should be earmarked/reserved as flood plain and form an integral part of any solution to the flooding problems in the village

I apologise if my comments are mainly about the field rather than the village centre flooding, but the flooding had a huge impact on the field and while no properties in Saxon Close were at risk this time, it is a crucial part of the overall village "picture" in relation to drainage and flooding and ultimately the protection of properties.

Kind Regards,

Mike Kinson

At the Parish council meeting on Monday 4th July 2016 Councillor Jones read out an email from Phil Crossland, Director of Environment and Transport, Leicestershire CC. Mr Crossland would like to hear your views about the recent flooding.

Dear Mr Jones,

Thank you for your email to Nick Rushton regarding the recent flooding event in Breedon on the Hill. Mr Rushton has asked that I update you on the action that the County Council will be taking as a result of these events.

As Lead Local Flood Authority we have a duty to investigate flooding incidents where it is deemed appropriate and as such we are investigating this and a number of other incidents that have occurred during the recent periods of intense rainfall that Leicestershire and many other parts of the Country.

Flood investigation officers have already been out to start their investigations. A multiagency meeting with the various risk management authorities (including the County Council and Severn Trent Water) has been arranged to discuss flooding and possible solutions within North West Leicestershire, including Breedon on the Hill. This meeting, and possible further site investigations will determine subsequent interventions as appropriate. I anticipate the outcome from this meeting and the subsequent investigations will be known in around three months' time. Hopefully we will be in a position to bring the results of this investigation to the Parish Councils September meeting and officers will liaise with the Parish Clerk regarding this.

I am sorry to hear of your frustration about drain maintenance. Drains / gullies in Breedon on the Hill were due to be cleansed throughout May but unfortunately our entire maintenance schedule is a little behind due to the flooding events of March and earlier this month. The next planned schedule of gully cleansing is due in July. However, as a result of the recent flooding event, additional reactive maintenance works has been carried out. The investigation will consider maintenance of all related drainage infrastructure both that which is publicly maintained and that which is privately maintained.

The information you have mentioned about likely flood causes (such as the golf course, Wheatley Farm and the A42) will assist the investigations. I'm not clear as to whether the colleagues you mention are my flood investigation officers but if they have not spoken with you already, they will be in touch in due course to better understand these observed events.

Of course, any information you can send in will help, and I recommend that anyone in the parish can send information direct to flooding@leics.gov.uk I know that my flood investigation officers have handed 'flood reporting forms' to some residents, and that information on these recent events is beginning to arrive, but the more information the better.

Yours Sincerely

Phil Crossland

Director of Environment and Transport

Email addresses of those people in authority who are involved.

Andrew Bridgen. andrew.brdidgen.mp@parliament.co.uk

Nick Rushton. nicholas.rushton@leics.gov.uk

David Stevenson david.stevenson@nwleicestershire.gov.uk

Phil Crossland. phil.crossland@leics.gov.uk ( director of works Leics county council)

Flooding flooding@leics.gov.uk